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BaleScream-Mark Of The Revenant (2013)

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BaleScream were featured in my recent reader's poll for Independent Band of the Year, and although they didn't win, they still caught my ear. In January they completed work on their debut EP, Mark Of The Revenant. It is now available to download, and let me tell you why you should get it...

BaleScream, from Newcastle Australia, are self-described as 'Melodic Death-Metal', and the label fits them well. Formed from the ashes of a Black Sabbath-tribute band, and a chance meeting at a Pantera tribute show, the members sought to write some serious, heavy and potent metal music. The riffs are fast and brutal, the vocals are a harsh variety of low-end hardcore screams and growls. However, the lyrics are very distinguished and those heavy riffs deliver solid melodies.

Mark of the Revenant starts off with the track 'Cyclonic Terror'- an environmentally conscious, brutally heavy piece that paints a realist view of the risks of neglect for the environment. It's a masterpiece of screaming guitar riffs, hardcore rhythms, and enraged vocals. The final chord of this song fades straight into the next, 'Fatality', and BaleScream are off and thrashing again, barely giving the listener a chance to catch their breath! 'Fatality' is a graphic, death-centric, hardcore song of aggression and malice. The riffs grind heavy, and a wicked laugh closes the song.

Again picking up immediately, the next track, 'Becoming the Revenant', is a little slower on the tempo, but is no less brutal and still demonically heavy. Guitar solos are alternately fast and melodic at the song's midpoint. (At this point the listener should check their neck for cramps from the headbanging they've surely been doing)

'Kusanagi' is the closing track on this powerful debut from Australia's best-kept secret in melodic death-metal. This song rivals 'Cyclonic Terror' for my favoring on this EP. The riffs are infused with addictive rhythms, and conjure comparisons to Trivium. As with all the previous songs, 'Kusanagi' provides ample guitar soloing, and maintains the fierce edge of death-metal. A thrilling conclusion to a powerful debut whose only drawback may be that it's over too soon. Suffice to say I'm already looking forward to more music from BaleScream. Following them on facebook wouldn't hurt, and you'll be up-to-date with any news they announce.

To download Mark Of The Revenant, visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/balescream

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