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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remembering Slayer's Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013)

Post #241

In heavy metal music, few bands are as universally respected and idolized as Slayer. Because of Slayer's prominence within the genre, metalheads worldwide mourned the loss of Slayer's guitarist and songwriter Jeff Hanneman on Thursday, May 2nd from liver failure. Within Slayer's creative core, he was perhaps the most significant contributor, having penned music and lyrics for many of Slayer's most popular and controversial songs; several of them exclusively.

To me Jeff seemed to be Slayer's scholar of morbid human history. He always seemed to have a knack of exposing the most evil skeletons in our history's closets, and translating them into some of heavy metal's most memorable thrash songs.

To honor the life of Jeff Hanneman, today I will share with you a favorite Slayer song that he either wrote, or co-wrote, from each Slayer album or EP.

From Slayer's debut album Show No Mercy: 'Die By The Sword' (Hanneman)

From their EP Haunting the Chapel: 'Chemical Warfare' (Hanneman/King)

From their EP Hell Awaits: 'Hardening of the Arteries' (Hanneman)

From Reign In Blood: 'Angel of Death' (Hanneman)

From South Of Heaven: 'Behind The Crooked Cross' (Hanneman)

From Seasons In The Abyss: 'Dead Skin Mask' (Hanneman/Araya)

From Divine Intervention: 'SS-3' (Hanneman/King)

From Diabolus In Musica: 'Overt Enemy' (Hanneman)

From God Hates Us All: 'Bloodline' (Hanneman/King/Araya)

From Christ Illusion: 'Jihad' (Hanneman/Araya)

From World Painted Blood: 'Human Strain' (Hanneman/Araya)

Rest In Peace Jeff Hanneman.

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